One night stand - post exposure prophylaxis - case scenarios.
EUSEM Academy, Christian Backer-Mogensen, 284793
Techniques that went wrong - challenging procedures for the Emergency Physician.
EUSEM Academy, Andy Neill, 284794
Dealing with IV drug users.
EUSEM Academy, Tereza Radl Ondrichova, 284804
Out of my mind - psychiatric emergencies.
EUSEM Academy, Wilma Bergstršm, 284805
Oh baby! Rule out PE in pregnany.
EUSEM Academy, Thomas Moumneh, 284806
Treating burns right!
EUSEM Academy, Katarina Vesela, 284807
EUSEM Academy, Cornelia Härtel, 285240
EUSEM Academy, Nikolas Sbyrakis, 285239
EUSEM Academy, Eric Dryver, 285238
Mushroom poisonings in Europe.
EUSEM Academy, Davide Lonati, 284782
Rare but deadly plant poisonings.
EUSEM Academy, Robin Ferner, 284783
Palytoxin, tetrodotoxin and ciguatera poisoning in Europe.
EUSEM Academy, Luc De Haro, 284784
Education in emergency medicine
EUSEM Academy, Gregor Prosen, 284799
EUSEM Academy, Ruth Brown, 285237
Symptoms, Signs & Situations
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 257041
2018 Congress Posters
EUSEM Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 261135
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234790
Ear and Nose
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234788
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234787
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234758
Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234756
Triage & Resuscitation
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234752
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234746
Procedures and Diagnostic Tests
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234743
Circulation and Vascular
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234741
Diagnoses & Syndromes
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234739
European Emergency Medicine Core Curriculum
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234649
Threat by nerve agents: up-date of diagnostic and therapeutc strategies!
EUSEM Academy, Horst Thiermann, 227602
Who is at High Risk for a Subsequent Stroke Following a TIA/Non-disabling Stroke and How to Minimize this Risk
EUSEM Academy, Jeff Perry, 227598
You see it, they feel it, few know it: Common vertigo syndromes rarely diagnosed.
EUSEM Academy, Peter Johns, 227599
Find the chameleon in the head - the small clot in the cerebral sinuses.
EUSEM Academy, Andy Neill, 227600
Neurology without neurology - how to grab with a numb hand: Chair
EUSEM Academy, Christian Hohenstein, 227601
Building a culture of quality.
EUSEM Academy, Lucas Chartier, 228081
Multitasking in the ED
EUSEM Academy, Pieter Jan Van Asbroeck, 228083
What makes a great team great
EUSEM Academy, Atriham Adan, 228084
Of Horses, Zebras and Chameleons: Diagnostic Reasoning in Emergency Medicine1.
EUSEM Academy, Eric Dryver, 227594
The hidden curriculum in emergency medicine, or how norms, values, and beliefs can shape the future of our specialty.
EUSEM Academy, Aristomenis Exadaktylos, 227595
Emerging leadership
EUSEM Academy, Ruth Brown, 227596
Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule and their competitors - strenghts and weaknesses.
EUSEM Academy, Jeff Perry, 227615
The Big 3 Diagnoses of Vertigo: Practical tips on performing bedside testing of the dizzy patient.
EUSEM Academy, Peter Johns, 227616
Headache, spinning and vague symptoms: Chair
EUSEM Academy, Christian Hohenstein, 227618
Philosophy of Emergency Medicine
EUSEM Academy, David Carr, 227593
Compassionate Governance.
EUSEM Academy, Chris Turner, 227589
! HOT TOPIC: Playing nicely in the sandbox.
EUSEM Academy, Neil Spenceley, 227590
The tightrope of ‘life balance’ in EM- creating success & satisfaction.
EUSEM Academy, Taj Hassan, 227591
Learning to lead.
EUSEM Academy, Vimal Krishnan, 227635
Young; female; leader?
EUSEM Academy, Rachel Stewart, 227636
Does early treatment of acute decompensated heart failure matter?
EUSEM Academy, EUSEM Academy, 234647
! HOT TOPIC - Time matters in AHF.
EUSEM Academy, Frank Peacock, 227586
Think Aorta: triangulated perspectives on a challenging diagnosis.
EUSEM Academy, Catherine Fowler, 227587
'Back to the future'.
EUSEM Academy, Marco Bonsano, 227630
Technology Disruption.
EUSEM Academy, Delia Nebunu, 227631
The 3D Emergency Department.
EUSEM Academy, Tiarnan Byrne, 227632
Boosting human performance for optimal results - Being a better emergency doctor
EUSEM Academy, Martynas Gedminas, 227633
A step back to humanities
EUSEM Academy, Martynas Gedminas, 228073
What use can global health experience have for European EDs?
EUSEM Academy, Amy Hughes, 227581
EUSEM Academy, Hooi-Ling Harrison, 227582
Bias and emergency medicine in Eastern Europe.
EUSEM Academy, Tatjana Rajkovic, 227583
Bias and emergency medicine in Eastern Europe: Discussion
EUSEM Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 228075
Volunteerism: Discussion
EUSEM Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 228076
What use can global health experience have for European EDs?: Discussion
EUSEM Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 228077
Search and Rescue Activities in the Mediterranean Sea: the perspective of a young emergency physician.
EUSEM Academy, Alessandro Jachetti, 227579
European Civil Protection Mechanism
EUSEM Academy, Danilo Bilotta, 228074
EUSEM Academy, Teri Reynolds, 227577
Risk stratification in CAP - more than CRB-65 or qSOFA.
EUSEM Academy, Jim Ducharme, 227573
Detection of patient-ventilator asynchrony by waveform analysis during NIV in the emergency room. Is it feasible? is it useful?
EUSEM Academy, Paolo Groff, 227574
Invasive ventilation - lung protection necessary in the ED?
EUSEM Academy, Helen Askitopoulou, 227575
Delirium 3.0.
EUSEM Academy, Jacinta Lucke, 227624
Chest Pain in Older Adults. 
EUSEM Academy, Rick Body, 227626
Approach to falls: Emergency perspective versus geriatric perspective. 
EUSEM Academy, Simon Conroy, 227628
EUSEM Academy, Roberta Petrino, 227629
Silver Trauma (the changing face of trauma).
EUSEM Academy, Tim Coats, 227569
Sepsis in Older Patients: Recognition and Management.
EUSEM Academy, Bas de Groot, 227570
! HOT TOPIC: End-of-life Care in Older Patients.
EUSEM Academy, Mary Dawood, 227571
Quality Indicators in Prehospital Care.
EUSEM Academy, Andreas Kruger, 227564
HOT TOPIC: Performance under pressure.
EUSEM Academy, Stephen Hearns, 227565
POCUS and Bayesian Thinking-how to make good decisions and avoid false friends.
EUSEM Academy, Nicolas Lim, 227619
Guiding resuscitation with TEE.
EUSEM Academy, Felipe Teran, 227620
POCUS vs. X-Ray
EUSEM Academy, Beatrice Hoffmann, 227621
Management of Traumatic Brain Injury in the Emergency Department
EUSEM Academy, Fiona Lecky, 227560
Trauma call: State of the art beyond ABCDE.
EUSEM Academy, Tobias Lindner, 227561
Biomarkers of Traumatic Brain Injury.
EUSEM Academy, Frank Peacock, 227562
Silver Trauma the New Epidemic? Perspectives from the largest European Trauma Registry
EUSEM Academy, Fiona Lecky, 228072
Implementing change in EM
EUSEM Academy, Gareth Clegg, 227559
Treatment of Sepsis - is there a new resuscitation bundle?
EUSEM Academy, Christoph Dodt, 227556
HOT TOPIC: Antibiotics in Sepsis - what to use in the early stage in the ED.
EUSEM Academy, Christian Backer-Mogensen, 227557
Diagnosis of massive PE.
EUSEM Academy, Daniel Horner, 227611
Treatment of PE.
POCUS during and after resuscitation - a MUST?
EUSEM Academy, Joseph Osterwalder, 227613
Pain management in the ED.
EUSEM Academy, Carlos Garcia Rosas, 227608
Upping the game: TCI in ED.
EUSEM Academy, Fiona Burton, 227609
Baclofen poisoning: toxicity of an off-label medication.
EUSEM Academy, Bruno Megarbane, 227551
Paracetamol - new approaches to an old problem.
EUSEM Academy, James Dear, 227552
Practical tips for management of toxicology patients.
EUSEM Academy, Frédéric Lapostolle, 227553
Pneumonia - why there is the difference between the EP and internist in ordering diagnostic tests.
EUSEM Academy, Jim Ducharme, 227603
Rare Infectious diseases you should know.
EUSEM Academy, Christian Backer-Mogensen, 227604
My career in pictures.
EUSEM Academy, David Carr, 227605

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