The Emergency Bathtub: addressing demand in urgent & emergency care systems.
EUSEM eLearning, Suzanne Mason, 284886
Refugees in your ED.
EUSEM eLearning, Anisa Jabeen Nasir Jafar, 284885
Improving door to needle time for stroke patients in the ED.
EUSEM eLearning, Christian Hohenstein, 284880
HOT TOPIC SPEAK! Stroke and TIA update 2019.
EUSEM eLearning, David Carr, 284882
Symptomatology of the Abdomen.
EUSEM eLearning, Jim Ducharme, 284887
A pain in the A..bdomen... Assessment of the elderly with abdominal pain.
EUSEM eLearning, Don Melady, 284888
Baby Steps Toward High Level Global Emergency Medicine: Fast and Furious Fails.
EUSEM eLearning, Jim Ducharme, 284879
HOT TOPIC !!! How to create a geriatric ED.
EUSEM eLearning, Don Melady, 284850
Older people in the ED: Usual care vs. Optimal care.
EUSEM eLearning, Suzanne Mason, 284851
AI in POCUS - Artificial Intelligence or Actually Incompetent?
EUSEM eLearning, Chris Yap, 284873
US simulation - from high to low cost.
EUSEM eLearning, Nils Petter Oveland, 284875
Prehospital geriatric emergency medicine.
EUSEM eLearning, Eric Revue, 284871
Short stay unit.
EUSEM eLearning, Camilla Str¿m, 284870
Frust and Anger among Patients and Relatives - Understand their Perception of Reality.
EUSEM eLearning, Thomas Fleischmann M.D., 284845
How to handle fear of failure and mutate from a fraidy-cat to a risk-taker.
EUSEM eLearning, Simon Carley, 284846
Dr. Greg's Traveling Medical Magic Show.
EUSEM eLearning, Greg Henry, 284847
Mistakes are for Learnin'.
EUSEM eLearning, Judith Tintinalli, 284848
What you need to know about old people - and how to learn it.
EUSEM eLearning, Don Melady, 284868
Implementing nursing handover: a hospitals journey.
EUSEM eLearning, Christian Gilot, 284878
Psychology in the difficult airway.
EUSEM eLearning, Dorothea HEMPEL, 284842
HOT TOPIC SPEAK! Alternatives to RSI: Contemporary Airway Management with Ketamine.
EUSEM eLearning, Reuben Strayer, 284843
If Carlsberg did? RSIs.
EUSEM eLearning, Clare Bosanko, 284844
EUSEM eLearning, Riccardo Stucchi, 284857
Emergency Department.
EUSEM eLearning, Eric Weinstein, 284858
Humanitarian Setting.
EUSEM eLearning, Laura Archer, 284859
TXA in epistaxis.
EUSEM eLearning, ADAM REUBEN, 284865
Sterile vs non-sterile sutures for wounds in the ED.
EUSEM eLearning, Wouter Raven, 284867
Panel Discussion- Do we always have to save the life
EUSEM eLearning, Session Speakers, 284856
End-of-Life Care in the ED: Ethical Issues.
EUSEM eLearning, Helen Askitopoulou, 284855
Panel discussion on education
EUSEM eLearning, Session Speakers, 284864
Catch as Catch Can.
EUSEM eLearning, Judith Tintinalli, 284863
Treatment Strategies and Case Scenarios with TED Questions.
EUSEM eLearning, Dorothea HEMPEL, 284854
Implementing New Processes in Your ED: Tips from the Trenches.
EUSEM eLearning, Eric Dryver, 284862
Repeated Suicide Attempt - is there an obligation to live?
EUSEM eLearning, Bernard Foex, 284853
How to prove that what your teach makes a difference?
EUSEM eLearning, Damian Roland, 284861
EUSEM eLearning, Greg Henry, 284860
What It Takes To Be a Leader: Leadership Concepts In The ED.
EUSEM eLearning, Greg Henry, 284841
A Primary Survey fit for the 21st Century.
EUSEM eLearning, James Connolly, 284815
The one before A-Managing catastrophic hemmorrhage.
EUSEM eLearning, Clare Bosanko, 284817
What is a good resuscitation?
EUSEM eLearning, Maaret Castren, 284823
Debriefing after a disaster in the resus room.
EUSEM eLearning, Simon Carley, 284824
Are we still performing inappropriate CPR attempts at the end of life?
EUSEM eLearning, Suzanne Mason, 284825
Total body CT scan in trauma patients: Yes or No.
EUSEM eLearning, Silvia Bressan, 284838
Head CT scan in headache: Yes or No.
EUSEM eLearning, Luigi Titomanlio, 284840
Challenge Steve Smith!
EUSEM eLearning, Steve SMITH, 284822
Postresuscitation Care.
EUSEM eLearning, Wilhelm Behringer, 284814
Epinephrine (PARAMEDIC II).
EUSEM eLearning, Mathias Holmberg, 284813
Intubation - Airway (AIRWAY II).
EUSEM eLearning, Lars Andersen, 284812
HOT TOPIC SPEAK! Subtle ECG Findings of LAD Occlusion Myocardial Infarction.
EUSEM eLearning, Steve SMITH, 284821
New ethical (and other) challenges in prehospital emergency care.
EUSEM eLearning, Jana Seblova, 284810
New technologies in prehospital conditions.
EUSEM eLearning, Eric Revue, 284811
Ultrasound for triage in mass casualty.
EUSEM eLearning, Kasia Hampton, 284831
Paediatric resuscitation: what to expect from the 2020 ERC guidelines.
EUSEM eLearning, Patrick Van de Voorde, 284835
Vital signs in the Paediatric ED: what's the score?
EUSEM eLearning, Damian Roland, 284836
Jack and Jill went up a hill. What happened after and how were they looked after. Epidemiology, nature and outcomes for children suffering major trauma.
EUSEM eLearning, Ross Fisher, 284837
Cardiac arrest following blunt trauma - no dead end.
EUSEM eLearning, Bernd A. LEIDEL, 284818
Thoracotomy in the prehospital field.
EUSEM eLearning, Gareth Davies, 284819
Family compatibility & EM? What?
EUSEM eLearning, Tereza Radl Ondrichova, 284826
Everybody is a stereotype.
EUSEM eLearning, Aleks Sustar, 284827
Surviving mental and physical harm.
EUSEM eLearning, Jenny Gaiawyn, 284828
Fever without source in infants 0-90 days in the emergency department.
EUSEM eLearning, Roberto Velasco, 284832
HOT TOPIC SPEAK! Bronchiolitis: State of the evidence based on the latest trials.
EUSEM eLearning, Franz Babl, 284833
Resus for the 2020s: how can we reduce the heartache of sudden death?
EUSEM eLearning, Maaret Castren, 284808
Tropical diseases in travellers.
EUSEM eLearning, Christian Backer-Mogensen, 284789
Antibiotics are not automatic: how can we target antibiotic treatment?
EUSEM eLearning, Jim Ducharme, 284790
My Career in Pictures.
EUSEM eLearning, David Carr, 284791
Rapid diagnosis in sepsis: is molecular pathogen identification the future?
EUSEM eLearning, Frank Bloos, 284792
Perfect techniques of criminal poisoning.
EUSEM eLearning, Andy Neill, 284796
Drug facilitated rape.
EUSEM eLearning, Bruno Megarbane, 284797
Welcome to the Coroner's Court.
EUSEM eLearning, Susie Hewitt, 284798
Evaluation of the severity of ankle sprains, what to do?
EUSEM eLearning, Jean-Jacques Banihachemi, 284800
Shoulder Examination, tips and tricks from an Emergency Medicine Perspective.
EUSEM eLearning, Patricia O'Connor, 284801
Hypnosis as a way to decrease pain in non-vital traumatology.
EUSEM eLearning, Nazmine Guler, 284802
Quality and Safety approach to decrease medical errors in the management of non-vital trauma patients in the emergency department?
EUSEM eLearning, Abdelouahab Bellou, 284803
EUSEM eLearning, Gareth Roberts, 284795
HOT TOPIC SPEAK! Ultra smart and sound approach to kids.
EUSEM eLearning, Kasia Hampton, 284785
Nerve Blocks that you should learn in the ED - 'No pain.. No pain'.
EUSEM eLearning, Nicolas Lim, 284786
Dead or Alive? Ultrasound and fluid responsiveness.
EUSEM eLearning, David Mackenzie, 284787
FAST is not FAST enough for 2019.
EUSEM eLearning, Joseph Osterwalder, 284788
One night stand - post exposure prophylaxis - case scenarios.
EUSEM eLearning, Christian Backer-Mogensen, 284793
Techniques that went wrong - challenging procedures for the Emergency Physician.
EUSEM eLearning, Andy Neill, 284794
Dealing with IV drug users.
EUSEM eLearning, Tereza Radl Ondrichova, 284804
Out of my mind - psychiatric emergencies.
EUSEM eLearning, Wilma Bergstršm, 284805
Oh baby! Rule out PE in pregnany.
EUSEM eLearning, Thomas Moumneh, 284806
Treating burns right!
EUSEM eLearning, Katarina Vesela, 284807
EUSEM eLearning, Cornelia Härtel, 285240
EUSEM eLearning, Nikolas Sbyrakis, 285239
EUSEM eLearning, Eric Dryver, 285238
Mushroom poisonings in Europe.
EUSEM eLearning, Davide Lonati, 284782
Rare but deadly plant poisonings.
EUSEM eLearning, Robin Ferner, 284783
Palytoxin, tetrodotoxin and ciguatera poisoning in Europe.
EUSEM eLearning, Luc De Haro, 284784
Education in emergency medicine
EUSEM eLearning, Gregor Prosen, 284799
EUSEM eLearning, Ruth Brown, 285237
Symptoms, Signs & Situations
EUSEM eLearning, EUSEM Academy, 257041
2018 Congress Posters
EUSEM eLearning, Session Speakers, 261135
EUSEM eLearning, EUSEM Academy, 234790
Ear and Nose
EUSEM eLearning, EUSEM Academy, 234788
EUSEM eLearning, EUSEM Academy, 234787
EUSEM eLearning, EUSEM Academy, 234758

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