Think Aorta: triangulated perspectives on a challenging diagnosis.
EUSEM Academy. Fowler C. 09/11/18; 227587; 41040 Topic: Aortic dissection
Catherine Fowler
Catherine Fowler
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Learning Objectives
After viewing this presentation, the participant will be able to:

- You will be able to THINK AORTA and think Aortic Dissection as a differential diagnosis in the emergency setting 

- Understand that aortic dissection is a time critical condition - 50% of patients will die within 48 hours where the condition is not detected and goes untreated

- Emergency medicine & radiology have the single largest opportunity to affect survival rates for Aortic Dissection

- Access online learning tools to enable their ED team to THINK AORTA visit

- Clearly understand the symptoms and patients with predisposing factors to Aortic Dissection 

- Understand the correct diagnostic tool is CT to detect Aortic Dissection

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